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Nature in Central America and Europe

We believe in conservation of the natural environment through our travel packages and tours. We respect the environment and the communities that inhabit it and our goal is to enhance our guests' interest, understanding and appreciating the natural and cultural wonders of the destinations we promote.

Costa Rica - Rainforest
Costa Rica - RainforestConsidered one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, one of Costa Rica's main attractions are its rainforests. The rainforests in Costa Rica are filled with just about every type of bird, animal and insect known to the country - and many as of yet unknown. The dark, cool interior of the primary rainforest is surprisingly free of entangling vegetation. Only where light manages to filter through the interlocking canopy to the forest floor does vegetation proliferate. Walking in the rainforest is like taking a step back in time. The modern world and all its stress fade into insignificance. For more info click here!

Switzerland - Natural Attractions
Switzerland - Natural AttractionsThanks to its unique geographical location in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is endowed with an extraordinary variety of natural attractions. You can discover spectacular waterfalls, mighty glaciers, spooky caves, rugged gorges, romantic valleys, sparkling lakes and tumbling streams and rivers. Here, you can experience at first hand the fauna and flora of Switzerland's nature reserves and parks, visit its beautifully tended botanical gardens or admire the beasts both native and exotic in one of its big zoos. For more info click here!

Panama - Islands
Panama - IslandsThere is an abundance of beautiful islands in Panama! The Pearl Islands and Bocas del Toro have been in the spotlight recently as the choice location for a number of "Survivor" television programs from twelve countries. Then there are the San Blas Islands and several Pacific Islands to discover! All these islands share crystal clear waters and coral reefs and are inviting to sail, dive, fish, or merely soaking up the sun in paradise. For more info click here!

Belize - Nature
Belize - NatureOne of Belize' main attractions is its beautiful nature. It is hard to image a more perfect place to encounter nature than Belize. With its proximity to North America, English-speaking people, exotic wildlife and rich diversity of resources, Belize is unbeatable for travelers wanting to discover nature and its treasures. In Belize you will experience rainforests, reefs, caves and caverns, rivers and trails at its best. For more info click here!

Argentina - Patagonia
Argentina - PatagoniThe Patagonia is an ideal area for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and trekking. There are several national parks, mountains, and forests. Its fast flowing rivers are perfect for rafting and canoeing. North Patagonia has many interesting volcanoes in both Argentina and Chile. There are many destinations that combine nature and adventure and many sports and activities take place in Patagonia: The visitor can discover amazing areas, hike or walk on the endless trails through the National Parks, go fishing or enjoy the water or winter sports. For more info click here!