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At Enjoy Travel we are destination specialists offering custom vacations and standard packages to Central America and Central Europe. We consult with travelers on travel and tour itineraries and advise them on the best and most efficient hotel and transfer options. All our native agents have profound knowledge of their respective destination and provide efficient and quality service. They can make all your travel arrangements for a single country or a combination of several of them and work closely with you to customize your perfect vacation!

Choose from one of our vacation packages and tours, or work closely with one of our travel agents to customize your perfect vacation! Or click on any destination on the left menu and continue to read in detail about the destinations we promote. We also provide clients with first-hand travel and sightseeing information, photographs and maps of most Central American and Central European travel destinations. We would like to invite you to discover a variety of incredible destinations - gorgeous nature and sights with mountains, lakes, beaches, rainforests and volcanoes await you!


Switzerland Travel Information Switzerland is the jewel of countries to visit in Europe - and it is more affordable than you think; there is something for every taste and budget! Discover Switzerland's diversity: picturesque villages, cosmopolitan cities, cutting-edge design, lakes surrounded by palm trees and snow-capped mountains! You will find lots of relevant travel information and the attractions of each city and resort including tips and ideas for activities and things to do. Switzerland offers four-culture diversity, service oriented hotels and the Swiss command of English that makes traveling pleasant and fun.


Guatemala Travel InformationIn Guatemala you can discover a variety of incredible destinations. The unique hospitality of its people plus the mystique of their culture will inspire your senses. Whether your interest is in Mayan culture, colonial architecture, volcanoes or the rainforest, we will assist you in putting together the perfect vacation. We specialize in Eco-tourism and organize soft tours and adventures for all ages and abilities to the highlights of the country (Colonial City of Antigua, Mayan Splendors of Tikal, Indian Market at Chichicastenango) and other destinations.


Panama Travel InformationPanama is situated between Columbia and Costa Rica and has a population of approx. 3.5 Mio. It has one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world and is one of the most 'globalised' countries in Latin America. It is also among the fastest growing tourism markets in Latin America and over 200 cruise liners land in Panama, bringing more than 28,000 tourists a year. Panama offers much cultural diversity with seven native Indian populations, a pleasant mix of Latin mentality and American efficiency, and the Panamanians command of English which makes traveling easy and fun. You'll find an abundance of fauna and flora, white sand beaches and hundreds of islands and lots of fresh seafood.


Belize Travel InformationBelize offers undiscovered and unspoiled travel destinations and a solid infrastructure that makes it easy to travel around. Although small in size, Belize has a tremendous variety of tourist attractions: white sand beaches, Mayan ruins, dense rainforests and a rich contemporary culture of its own. Belize's Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world and the largest in the Northern Hemisphere - a dream destination for diving! The country is English speaking and easy to travel around. This amazing destination has developed some new ecotourism friendly adventure tours to explore nature at its finest. There are many National Parks and preserves where you can still find jaguars, monkeys and many colorful birds.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel InformationCosta Rica boasts of spectacular volcanoes, lush rain forests, gorgeous beaches, warm hospitality and all the comforts of modern life await you. Costa Rica also has an excellent reputation for destination weddings and lately made itself known through excellent medical services it mainly provides to North American visitors. Visit famous destinations such as Manuel Antonio, Arenal/La Fortuna and Tamarindo, or relax in more remote areas such as the Nicoya Peninsula, Tortuguero or the Caribbean coast. You will enjoy service oriented hotels and the Locals friendliness that makes traveling fun and easy.

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